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Tips for Moving House during the Holiday Season

Christmas and New Years only come once a year, with so much going on, you want to make sure everything gets done and you enjoy the holidays as much as you can. But what if your house move is happening over the Christmas Holiday? It is a completely different story!

Furthermore, with COVID-19 still a concern in 2021 and with it comes new concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. You’re not alone if you’re having a hard time feeling especially festive or merry, with the health crisis putting off holiday get-togethers, however this may relieve some of the stress that comes with moving during the "most lovely time of the year”. The more you know about what to expect, the more equipped you will be to deal with holiday-related stress.

Here are some tips for making your house move, go smoothly and still be able to have a Merry Christmas!

1. Prepare for your relocation by getting organised.

Make a list of all the things you’ll need to do before the move, such as booking your removalist company. Book your move and confirm your moving date as far ahead as possible, Christmas is the busiest time of year, so you don’t want to be booking last minute. Confirm and keep records of all the information to ensure you have all the correct details for the day of your move.

Consider calling a removalist company right away if you know you're moving well ahead of the holiday season. You can request a free quote and compare several companies to find the best deal. Talk about your needs and requirements with the moving company representatives, compare their offers, and research each moving company to make sure they are licensed, insured, experienced, and trustworthy, and choose the best one for you.

There are lots of recommendations online. Although removalists can be expensive, even if you are tempted to go without one, you should budget for it. They are worth every penny and will greatly ease your move.

There are even companies that do backloads, where you can fill their existing trucks at a cheaper rate, you can generally get a quote online for their services, depending on what you have to move.

2. Begin packing for the relocation little by little.

Another thing that should be done early is packing. Part of the stress of moving is that you never know what you'll need after you pack it. You don't want to pack items that you know you'll use during the holiday season, but you also need to be realistic about what you need to keep out (especially if you plan to use fragile dishes or other difficult-to-pack items).

However, as we said, the holiday season is extremely busy and is usually filled with a lot of activities for most families so you must begin this huge task well in advance of your planned move. This means you should prepare specific plans for how you will pack boxes, what will happen when you move out, and how you will handle moving day.

In some cases it might be easier to write down this information or organise it on computer software. For others, it may be helpful to make note of the loose plans at first in order to organise them more systematically. Since moving is a lot of work, having a plan in place instead of “winging it” will ease some of your headaches. It may seem daunting to plan months in advance, but, considering how busy you are anyway, it will be worth it in the long run.

3. Inform your family and friends, ask all the help that you can.

Preparation is the key! Tell your family and friends that you're moving house. If you’re looking for help on moving day, and plan to move on a holiday or holiday weekend, you may want to ask friends or family well in advance. It is important to ask early, before moving plans are made, since many will have plans that don't include hauling heavy objects during warm weather holidays. Take the time to ask early. Don’t be shy about asking friends and family to help you with packing boxes or moving, pretty much they’ll be happy to lend a hand to make your move easier for you.

Don’t forget to give them your new address details so they will know where to deliver their Christmas cards and box presents. Updating your address during the holiday season is of extra importance. Not only do you need to make sure that all banks and providers have your new addresses, but you also need to inform your family and friends. You never know who will send boxes of gifts or you might get a pleasant surprise upon arrival.

4. Do your Christmas shopping as early as possible.

Avoid the last-minute shopping, make a list well in advance and get it done early. Don’t wait to shop for gifts until the last minute, this may only add to your stress. Keep your gifts separate from the rest of your belongings so they’ll be easy to locate after your move. If you’re short on time, buy your Christmas gifts online, remember to double-check your shipping address to make sure your parcels get delivered to the correct house. If you already have some gifts, pre wrap and label them, so they are ready to go.

If possible you can also try to limit the number of presents you need to buy – agree with friends or colleagues to go out for a meal instead (it will also give you a break too!) and save yourself the bother.

You could also use online retailers to send pre-wrapped items directly to their home, or purchase something like a subscription, which will continue to give throughout the year while taking up little space.

5. Reduce waste and recycle when you're moving.

One thing all holidays have in common is that they usually come accompanied by gifts. This also means additional expenses. festivities demand not just your time but a lot of your money too. However, you have to remind yourself that moving involves a lot of expenses. There’s expenses associated with the cost of packing, buying supplies, hiring a truck, loading plus unloading charges and much more..

Plan ahead and only focus on things you’ll really need to spend on. You should try to reduce your moving costs whenever possible without compromising the safety of your belongings or the quality of the service you select. You can use reusable or second hand moving boxes to ensure you don't waste boxes after you've moved.

If you have old newspapers, old towels, t-shirts, and other soft things, use it for packing. You don't have to buy new packing supplies for your move. Even towels you plan to use when you arrive, you can use for packing fragile things. You can also use sheets, blankets, and anything else soft that you already own.

Soft items that you do not intend to keep can be donated. Use wrapping paper, delivery package material, and store ads to cushion packing boxes. Give gifts of items you already own that others would enjoy. You can also empty your pantry by using ingredients to make food gifts.

The most effective way to reduce waste during a move is to avoid creating new waste. Take the time to go through everything you own and get rid of what you don't want. It can be donated or even thrown away, if necessary. Donate anything that can be reused by someone else from clothing to old appliances.

By going through everything you own, you'll reduce what you need to move, which will help you to create less waste. You can even have a garage sale if you want to make extra cash from your unwanted things.

6. Clean items and boxes as you pack

As you pack up items, take the time to clean them, or at least wipe them off. Even though it’s all “your stuff”, there is no benefit to transporting germs and dust to your new destination. Use this opportunity to sanitise your belongings, wiping items down with disinfectant. If you don’t have any, you can make one with a solution with an online suggestion using items from your cupboard like bleach or vinegar.

In addition, before you pack your house, be sure to declutter. This can also be a complex task of going through everything in the house. However, you can do as little or as much as you have time and energy for. There are several tricks you can use to declutter your house if you find it hard to do. Some people plan a group work day with friends or family to assist them. Others arrange for pick-ups by a recycling or junk removal service, or by a charity that accepts donations. You're more likely to complete the task on time by arranging this in advance.

7. Check out the pandemic procedures before moving

Everything is harder during the pandemic. Give yourself extra time and compassion since every task is just a little bit harder during the pandemic. On move-in day, you should be sure to provide enough sanitising materials and protective equipment for house movers and everyone involved in the process. You might have to enforce mask wearing and access to a sink and hand soap is ideal, but if that is not possible, try to stock up on plenty of hand sanitizer. In addition, you may want to provide face coverings and gloves.

In the event that you or someone in your family is feeling ill or showing signs of the virus, waiting to move until you are able to get approval from your trusted doctor is the right choice. It may not be the most convenient scenario for everybody but it's essential to ensure everyone's safety.

8. Prepare for Bad Weather on your moving day

Before moving, check the weather forecasts and plan ahead as much as possible. Although a long-range weather forecast isn’t 100% accurate, it can give you a good idea about what the weather will be like on a particular day or days. If you have flexibility over your moving day, try and arrange it for a day where the weather is more likely to be favourable. Moving boxes and transporting a lot of times can be challenging at the best of times but if roads are slippery, it can make the process a lot more difficult. Speak to your chosen removal company and discuss their plans for potential weather-related iss

ues. Keep a bundle of extra warm clothes close by and take extra care when moving with children, pets or even plants.

9. Remember to relax and go easy on yourself!

Enjoy the holidays by taking time to enjoy the whole house rather than packing it all up!

Moving is stressful, and the process can take time – especially when it’s happening in the middle of the busy season. If you aren’t able to get the kind of holiday that you typically have, it’s okay. There’s always next year. The festive season only comes around once a year so don’t forget to enjoy it. You may want to take it easy on the holiday feasts and decorations around the house because those are just more items to

pack later.

Don’t let a move ruin your holidays. Moving over the Christmas holidays may seem overwhelming and seem like it will send you over the edge! The key is to stay organised and begin the planning process well ahead of time. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a delightful season despite what could be a stressful time.

Remember: Have a safe move, a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year. If you’re looking to move during this upcoming holiday season, feel free to head on over to our online store and we’ll help you get on your way. Boxes4movinghouse provides Large Packs with all you need for a successful move, if you have a smaller house more like a unit we recommend the Small Packs. We also supply to Small Business, Hobbyist, Online Stores and Wholesale. For more information about our products and services, you can check our website or call 02-4774-1111.

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